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About Me...

Ever since I can remember I've loved taking photographs. Every school trip I went on I would always get a disposable camera and take pictures of things I found interesting. 

Even before that I would play about with my mums polaroid camera and just take pictures of anything. If I had to peg where my love of photography came from it's probably then. 

I enjoy Fine Art photography because I've always been interested in art after studying it as a GCSE, to be able to incorporate it into my work is a great thing to do *Art In Life*

I take on an every growing list of projects, I seem to never to be able to finish one before I take on another but I stay on top of them once they are started. 

'More on Projects'

My work definitely does only span to Fine-Art, through out my career I have worked with companies such as 'Hayburner' and even shot the Stefanie Jayne (Former Miss Galaxy England) fashion show. I have worked with people in and out of the UK for certain projects and hope to continue doing so with more of my work. Other work I enjoy doing other than Fine-Art photography is photojournalism and nature so often I will contribute to National Geographic 'Your Shot'. (If you would like to know more about these businesses/organisations they are linked and underlined.)

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