Hidden (Ongoing)

This series is one of my most simplistic, the point behind it is for the subject in the image to be hidden but at the same time very visible. The only thing hiding them being the colour of the jacket they are wearing. 

The Multiverse (Ongoing)

This series is one that requires a lot of planning and attention to detail. The idea behind the project is that we all live in just one of the many very different versions of earth. The thing that will connect most of them will be the same person in all of them. The changes between the worlds can go from very minor and very drastic.

A Tin Foil Hat (Yet To Be Started)

This series is going to be a simplistic one but with attention to detail that if you look for you will find easily and I think it'll be worth it as they really add to the image. The point behind the series is to show in an exaggerated artistic way the most popular conspiracy theories. 

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