This Is America

This exhibition started production in late June 2018 and will have ended to completion in January of 2019 just before the gallery opening February 1st 2019. 


The body of work within this exhibition is entered around an outsiders view of America and its vast issues with a few images being based off popular stereotypes to further push the concept of it being the view of an outsider. I wanted to cover the important issues that I could in this series and with America the way that it is, I was never short of ideas. 

One set of images I had planned from the very beginning was a set of three images tackling the issue of racism (Gun violence). 

The three images starts with a gun being fired, with this gun firing you can not see the bullet or its destination, the meaning behind that starting image is once you fire you can no longer see your mistake and you have no idea who that bullet will effect. In another sense the gun firing represents the past, it has happened and there is nothing you can do to change that. 

The second image is the bullet that has been fired traveling. Again you can not see its final destination until the third and final image. And yet the bullet travels without a care, it has a very similar message to the first image but as they are a set of three the bullet can be removed from the situation. It is in a framed moment of nothing, you can very easily pick it up off the wall and take it out of the equation. After that what ever happened when the gun fired, isn't happening anymore. 

The final image is of a person of colour with tears running down their face as they look directly at the gun in the first image. With all three images in effect you see the gun being fired, the bullet travelling and also its intended target. However my way of looking at these images is the history, it currently happening and then the effect of the people having to watch it happen. 

Again as I said before they work better as a set of three images as together they tell a story but the middle can still be removed. Meaning that when you take away the bullet you have the past of what has happened with the gun being fired and then the after effect but no current event. The gun has been fired and yet take away the bullet and no one else has to die. I really hope people will cling onto the message behind this set of image, I hope they cling to any message in this body of work. 

To see the images described, and others just like it, please feel free to come to the exhibition. Details below. 

The RoofTop Arts Centre

February 1st-28th 11am-4pm


© 2015-2018 James Foley. 

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